Ace Global Website

The client, Ace Global, wanted a new website that reflected the change in times, and they were looking for an updated look that provided a better face for the company. Their business is in dealing with international collections, specifically with credit card debt.
Their current site was a portion of their appearance that had been neglected and left untended for some time. It was not reflecting the change and growth of the company, and not portraying their presence properly. They are a large national company, and needed to show how they were capable of handling large companies. The client has service centers around the world, and wanted to be perceived as the global company that they are.
In regards to their previous design and optimization, their site had very little text and the imagery that did not tell their story. In order to correct this, we used imagery to reflect their global reach, and also to portray their name. Our goal was to promote their services located on their website, which was not previously clear. By simplifying the navigation and reducing the amount of pages, this created a user friendly site. The text on the site was displayed in a clean, to-the-point bullet style format.
This company does not generate income or leads through their website, but wanted their site to reflect their status as professional and trustworthy. Overall, their goal was to portray themselves as a reputable company that specializes in collections. This goal of elevating the look of the company was achieved.

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