Unexpected Inspiration

I ran out of shows to watch on Hulu and scrounged for tv on Netflix, and my last thing to watch was Film School (not the movie, the show). I was watching it in a window off to to the side of working on other projects to have some background noise but it really pulled me in, realizing that the creative process, no matter what the medium, was the same. It took four NYU Film students through a ten week period while they were directing the filming their final film to present. It was a bit heart wrenching watching the students try to pull the money together to shoot, in addition to arranging for producers, cameramen, script supervisors, etc., and a special little frustration point of one girl trying to print her PC doc film script on a mac and having it open on a Mac in TextEdit with no formatting. It reminded me of being in school and feeling completely over my head. Not having the experience to know how to make things happen how I wanted. And I felt this relief for one moment, that I know how to make it happen now. And I do. Then I realized, this hard moment for them is really how it is! The attempts the students made to lower the costs on the equipment rental, the location scouting and working out the details of actually being able to use the location. If it’s not free, how can we find a place in 1 day that will be free to meet the budget? What if someone doesn’t show up? The list could go on, but all this happens every day. It’s the element of the unknown, and being able to make things work within change and obstacles, that make creative work challenging (aka rewarding). To see these students work through it was interesting, even if I agreed or disagreed with how or what they were doing. It also invigorated me to do something a bit more personal, although I’m not sure why film has that effect exactly. It seemed the most emotional of the films were the most effective, and while graphic design doesn’t usually allow for this, it doesn’t mean I can’t do some design just for me. Not a bad idea.
FYI, my Netflix is reccomending a strange combination of suggestions based on our fighting loves of Battlestar Galactica, Food, Inc. and foreign films. I am now watching Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to see if they are right.

(also, I drew a sketch this evening, it was nice to sketch something)

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